Monday, September 6, 2010

Ramblings of a mad woman in September

So the kids went back to school last week - sigh. That's a sigh of relief , by the way, in case any of you mad parents actually like having the kids around for ten weeks solid - in which case, sorry, I don't get it! Love 'em to bits, but ten weeks - come on, that's just cruel.

Anyway, by day three, we'd received the phonecall we all love to get.

"Can you come and collect your daughter please - we think she's broken her foot."

Day three of the new year for goodness sake! And dance season kicks off next week.

Well, not for Daughter Number One, it doesn't - not now. Yes, she broke a bone in her foot in gym. At least 4 to 6 weeks in this air-cast apparently. Can't see her joining her tap class before Christmas to be honest!

But she's still smiling, so that's good. She's not your average build for a 12 year old - she's 5'8" and it is not easy to maneouvre a hopping heffalump into a shower, let me tell you. Poor love - this is gonna take a while.

Meanwhile, to continue my random comments for this week, do you remember my kitchen drawer from earlier this year - my sad case of airing my slovenly ways to you all?

Well, look at me now. You'll be so proud.

It's amazing what eleven bucks spent at the Dollar Store can buy you - a whole new mind set.

I mean there is still as much crap in the drawer - there is probably even more rubbish in the drawer than ever before - but it's organised crap, and that makes such a difference in one's life. Tidy crap - I can highly recommend it.

In the meantime, I think I must have a flea up my bum - I've heard of spring cleaning - is there such a thing as autumn cleaning?

My exterior walls need a facelift. Patched up, stained and washed out pukey peach coloured stucco is not doing it for me. What do you think of these options?

I like the top one - a clean and bright creamy-with-a-hint-of-yellow. But I don't think this is very Canadian, and I seriously think that while I might totally love it, no-one else would; the neighbours might not talk to me and it would negatively affect re-sale value. Sad, but true.

The middle brown-ish option is, well, beige. Very popular in new homes, and well, beige. (What is this obsession in new builds to choose one of four shades of brown - inside, outside, brown, brown, brown. And breathe.)

And the bottom square of elephant-grey would go very nicely with our new dark grey roof shingles, but not much else - and I fear that when it's dull and rainy or we hit the depths of a bleak, colourless winter, I might just slit my wrists with drab-exterior-wall-induced depression.

However, regardless of the colour I choose, now that we have 12" multi-coloured squares all over the wall, I will have to make a decision - or maybe I should just opt for the matchpot look this season?

What else, has been happening? Oh yes, autumn is arriving.

There's a distinct chill in the evening air, and the leave are a-turning.

We don't really have many of the red hues to the autumn foliage out here in Alberta - but we do a fantastic line in yellows.

See, if I pick my favourite paint colour, my house could match nature for three weeks of the year!


  1. Go for the yellow. How can the resale value go up with washed-out peach? That's the colour our stucco is, on our old hobbit house (coming up on ABC Wednesday) and when it rains, we get huge splotches on it. Waterproof paint, that's the ticket.
    I love your junk drawer re-do. I keep buying containers to put junk into, so my house is now full of containers overflowing with junk. Not quite ready for that TV show about hoarding, but in another 10 or 20 years? I dunno. Could be.
    Meanwhile, masses of sympathy to you and your thank-goodness-still-smiling daughter. Long time to be in a cast. I know all kinds of old people (my age, young old people) who are breaking bones in feet, but young young people heal faster and better. My sister-in-law and one of my two broken-footed friends are walking again, but they'll never tap dance. One friend is just now out of her heavy, heavy cast with orders not to let her shattered heel touch the floor.
    Yes, go for the gold -- the yellow paint is perfect for autumn, and grey and brown are just nowhere.
    Southeastern Alberta

  2. Oh poor daughter number 1 and poor you too! I hope she makes a speedy recovery and that you survive!

    Elephant grey it has to be - just think, in the depths of winter you can look at your house and giggle about an elephant in the snow!

  3. Breaking a bone or two does seem to be a rite of passage. Always have mixed feelings seeing fall come, but the colors are beautiful.

  4. See? Phys Ed is evil! But I bet the foot and the crutches are 'like, super kewl' amongst her pals. I hope she heals up all nicely though!

    Your drawer is impressive and awe-inspiring!

    Hmmm... I'm in a 'I want to paint' mode too, though interior.

    I like the grey - but I'm biased as I'm thinking of painting my living room a colour sort of like that and, like Rob, I thought it would look nice in the snow. What about a terra-cotta colour? (I'm thinking of that colour for my place so it's on my mind.)

    Are you going to paint the place yourselves?

  5. Kay - thank you for your comments and best wishes - nad one vote for yellow!

    Rob - elephants in the snow - I like this image.

    EcoRover - yep, me too on the mixed feelings - autumn brings some lovely crisp days

    Ms TB - I've always said that exercise is bad for you! Second vote for grey! I live in a Desperate Housewife type road - terracotta is probably too much of a statement for my neighbourhood! I already let the place down with dandelions in the front lawn!!

  6. Hot & cold :-)
    I like it.
    And the posts as well.
    Your poor hop-along daughter. Hope it will be tap-ready by next term.
    Very artistic rendering. I think they would go nice together. Let the artist in you roam free.
    I came for the skies, but got side-tracked.

  7. The title of this post caught my eye?....:)

    Broken bones?.... pain?..... more pain for you I guess?....:(

    Tidy crap?.... nothing wrong with that!....:)

    Stucco colour?..... No1... If the neighbours wont talk to you they aren't worth talking too anyway, and are you thinking of selling?.... go for the colour YOU like!.....:)

    Oh yeah!... autumn!.... best time of the year if you have a camera in your hand.... best colours, best light!... go for it (no one is watching really!....hehehe)


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