Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dances with Humans - Dog days

Smudge here - just a quick report this week.  Although I am a busy chap about town with a hectic schedule of walking, sleeping, sniffing and peeing - sometimes a pup just has to chill man.

Just in front of the Big Window For Nosey Dogs, the heat pours into our favourite room.

Honey and me catch some rays.

We dodge between the long winter shadows to find our spot.

We carefully rotate so that our whole body cooks slowly.

Sometimes the Reluctant Dog Owner throws down a cushion and joins us for a wee doze.

There is nothing nicer and more comforting than the heat of the afternoon pouring all over your body, while the snow glistens outside at minus 12 degrees.

We hard-working dogs deserve this crash-pad.  We stay here until we can bear it no more.  Then we get up, panting and puffing with our fur on fire, and flop out on the 
cold, tiled Food Room floor.

I tell ya, life can be tough.

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