Thursday, December 16, 2010

SkyWatch Friday - Shades of white

Light grey skies reveal their overnight activity of throwing a few more snowflakes in our direction.  Half covered trees unveil their beautiful silhouettes as the dull light tries it's hardest to camouflage the day.

Snow has blown in sideways from one direction only, settling on the eastern side of every bit of growth.

A lop-sided snowy contour.

The fence intercepts the snow like a lacy net, 
and it grows and puffs up 
under the weight and build-up of large snowflakes.

Blonde dogs roll around and play - can she still see me?

Whites upon whites upon whites.

Happy SkyWatch Friday and have a great week.


  1. You have captured some great patterns here!

  2. Great shots. The fence one is fascinating. I've never notice one like this before.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Terrific captures as always! Absolutely gorgeous, but it does look COLD!!! Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm -- probably not a good idea to roll around in the snow with the dog!!


  4. Your photos are just fabulous. We have not gotten to the snowy part of our season yet, but your scenes are very familiar.

  5. Looks like you could use something warm to drink!

  6. Wow these shots are fantastic. Looks very cold brrr!
    Sky Watch

  7. Even with the flat light, these are beautiful shots. I love the fence - I've seen that around here a few times but I've never photographed it.

  8. Beautiful monochorme images! I love the way horizontal snow sticks to the sides rather than the tops of the trees. The trees and snow will also make fabulous shots when the clouds are replace by blue sky.

    And that is a great shot of the sun in your header!

  9. Love these! As challenging as the snow makes daily life, it makes great photos, so I endure!

  10. Great shots. Don't get to see much snow these days.......

  11. Lovely! I'm too scared of the cold to venture out in it to take pictures! But oddly enough, my dogs are loving it too. At least someone is!