Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My World Tuesday - Pink Beauty

Sunrise on this cool December morning in southern Alberta, 
as viewed from my back door. 
Isn't it great on the days when nature's beauty obligingly presents itself under one's nose?

And pinky-gold reflections in the windows opposite.  
What a wonderful start to My World Tuesday.


  1. Beautiful sky and I love the pink windows.

  2. Beautiful, the pink light of the rising sun reflected by clouds and glass. Nice to know that somewhere the sun is shining.

  3. We had a gorgeous sunrise up here in northern Alberta too -- what a great way to start the Winter Solstice!

  4. Awesome. It sure does pay to get up early. It takes my breath away. Thanks for sharing. Jude

  5. You're 'In the Pink'~~~beautiful way to wake to a new day.

  6. That's really beautiful ! sometimes we don't have to go far, the beauty is just at our front door !

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! It helps one to start the day with a smile and warmth in one's heart.


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