Friday, February 25, 2011

A dog's life.

There's one important necessity to owning a dog in Alberta.  They have to like snow.

Luckily, both my mutts do - Honey especially.  She has a better tolerance for the very cold days and a little more, er, insulation.  Smudge and his dainty paws have their limits.

So basically, the more snow, the better.  
Did you know you can jump, play, dive, leap and bounce in it? 
You can sink right up to your doggie shoulders and you can stuff your nose in and push yourself along 
like a little snuffling dogplough.

Ahhh, that's better.  Just gotta scratch that itch - you can roll around in it - for minutes at a time.  Bliss.
 And just a little bit more - side to side, back and front, up and down.  It is just such seriously good fun.
But hold on, what is that delightful smell?  
Has someone prepared a gourmet meal?

Nope - looks like someone already ate their gourmet meal.

Scraps and leftovers.  Hoof anyone?

A coyote has got the better of a deer.
But wait, there is more - another leftover chunk of fur.

Honey grabs it and makes a run for it.

And I'm sure I can hear a little voice fading on the breeze.  "You can't catch me"

And I can't.

And the cheeky wee bugger runs all the way home, with your intrepid photo journalist puffing up the hill in hot pursuit, swearing not so quietly under her breath.

Smudge knows he's in trouble and stops half way, lies down submissively so I can put him back on his lead.

Honey is waiting for us on the front doorstep.  
"What took you so long?", she mumbles, 
through a mouth full of fur.


  1. Love the narrative and the photo sequence. Your dogs really enjoy themselves in the snow. Ours do, too, but we don't often have enough for them to appreciate.

  2. Hilarious. I must send my husband a link to this post. He walks our Lindy, and she thinks winter is just as good as any other season, and snow is a whole lot better than rain. Finding a gopher carcass is like Christmas, but she's never found bits of dead deer.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. so sweet...when it gets shoulder deep (two and a half feet or so), my dog Ellie (who hates water by the way) swims in the snow in our yard...and loves that...she doesn't seem to make the connection that snow is also wet.

  4. Haha! Your dogs are great! :-)

    What is it with dogs and snow?

    We had a freak dump of snow here and I specifically wondered down to the 'dog park' just to watch the dogs play in the snow. It's just great to watch. Although there were no hooves about! =:-o

  5. I love to watch dogs play in snow. All the dogs I know seem to like to roll in it in spring...just before the last melt. It's almost like they are saying good-bye to it until next winter.

  6. I love the picture of them rolling in it! My dogs like snow (though I have a dainty-pawed one when it gets into the minus 30's too)but I don't think I've ever seen them roll in it. And don't you love it when they bring home some remnant of a dead animal?!