Monday, February 7, 2011

Today, I have fallen in love ...

I am a week early for Valentines, but my heart is a-flutter.  Look what I found today.

Aren't they adorable?

They were in a pet shop in a mall (please don't start me on the whole dogs-in-glass-cages-pet-shops debate) but OMG, these were two female bundles of pure cute-ness.

They are Wheaton Terriers probably crossed with something else, and for just a few seconds, I was seriously contemplating scooping them up and stealing them.   
My pockets just weren't quite big enough and, as it transpires, they definitely weren't deep enough! 

Do you know how much these babies were selling for?   $1580.  Each.
Who the heck would pay that for a dog?  Or should I say who the heck would pay that for a pet shop hound with no background checks and history?

But just look at that little face ... you'd be tempted too, no?  Sigh.

And that's what the pet shop counts on.  
Cuteness equal profit!

Smudge has just looked over my shoulder and growled something incomprehensible to me - he was probably commenting on how pretty they were, do you think?

 Funny, he's just turned a delicate shade of green. 


  1. OMG that's crazy money, and I am a firm believer in rescuing but they are adorable!

  2. Quite Sarah - there are so many dogs out there that need good homes, and if you really want a pedigree whatever, then it's your money - but I can't think these two bundles of fluff were pedigree anything!

    (Doesn't stop them being gorgeous though!)

  3. I don't go in pet shops anymore so I won't be tempted!

  4. Oh, I'd be tempted, too. Today I saw a darling dog, and these remind me of him. He was a Wheaton Terrier crossed with a standard poodle.
    But at that price, I can understand how you resisted.
    Good thing you have your darlings at home to ease your broken heart.
    -- K

  5. Very cute, I admit. But buyer beware! $1580 will seem like nothing if the puppies have health problems! The vet will become rich and the owner poor.

  6. Seriously cute but that is an insane amount of money.

    I am so glad they don't sell puppies (or kittens) in pet shops here in the uk. I would have to buy them all not that I could afford it lol

  7. Well, they look cute! Not 1580 dollars worth of cute though...

  8. I totally agree that they are so adorable, but at that price, it's impossible to lay my fingers on.