Thursday, February 3, 2011


Freeze-Thaw-Freeze-Thaw - try saying that ten times!

It's been a cycle of weather confusion around here.  The first two and a half weeks of January were at truly brutal temperatures

- then we were treated to a tease of spring with a week above freezing, and beautiful skies.

The winds picked up and "moved" the snow around. Cleared footpaths became snow-drift obstacle courses once again. One step, two steps, sink up to your knees. 
One step, two step, and slide. 
I call it my winter waltz.

Blue skies have done their best - and a little warmth on your back feels like a slice of heaven in January.

Then the clouds blow in once again and by Saturday night more snow arrived.

The winds have been so strong, they stripped the surface of the ravine of all it's snowy blanket, revealing one thing I do dislike about winter here - brown grass.  I think I'd rather it was covered in snow!

And today, we are above freezing again - the snow will all melt, we'll all come out of hibernation -  and my only advice really?

Don't wash your car 'cos it ain't worth it!

Have a calm and happy SkyWatchFriday!


  1. LOL - that's winter in Alberta, as I have discovered, too. The nice part is the sunshine. When I open the south-facing door, warm sunshine floods in on me and feels wonderful. Our dog was sun-bathing this week, sitting under her favorite tree on a little patch of bare ground, facing southwest and basking in the warmth. The sun on the snow makes the lenses of my glasses go black, even when it's very cold outside.
    As for my car, when all the snow was brushed off it, the dirt came off, too.
    -- K

    Kay, southeastern Alberta
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. These are all beautiful photos, love the puppy dogs too. The weather is much the same here, I am looking forward to the big thaw.

  3. Hiya F&S,
    Your pin-up picture, with the sea grass is smashing. And the blue skies are a real perk. Won't find them in the old country this month :-)
    We had watery sunshine, but that's all.

  4. Lovely shots, and I love the deep blue sky. Its dreadful here at the moment with 60 mph gales and we had a thunderstorm last night.

  5. Although I admit I was envious of your recent warmer weather, I have noticed some major swings in temperature this winter in Alberta. That must be very hard on plants as well as people!

  6. I think your Alberta weather dropped down here to Texas and gave us our coldest temps in 20 years! Wonderful views though.

  7. The snow looks fun to play in.
    And how nice to have blue skies and warmth on your back. We are going into another deep freeze.

  8. Sounds like a crazy winter in Alberta! Great sky shots. Hope the weather improves soon! Sounds pretty mild out there right now.

  9. gorgeous has been a bit of a yo-yo winter everywhere I think!

  10. Beautiful shots---I live in Kansas so I know exactly what you are talking about. One week 70 degrees, a week later 0 degrees--that's what I love about Kansas!!! Canada is a beautiful land--I've been to Banff and Lake Louise and would love to go back sometime.

  11. Looks like the marshmallow tree is ready for a roasting!

  12. Yes! A marshmallow tree! :-) Cool but what is it? Pine cones?

    Beautiful photos... Smudge and Honey are so photogenic!

  13. I'm sure you're glad for the sunshine but I know it can make icy conditions. The wind sounds wicked.

  14. The "marshmallow" tree is a Wolf Willow - and those silver berries are actually hard as bricks. Even the birds leave them as a last resort - bitter and rock hard - marshmallow would be so much nicer!