Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And now a story about a cat

A few weeks ago a local resident was walking in 
North Glenmore Park in south west Calgary, when a cougar ran across the path in front of him.
When police arrived they found a young adult male cougar in a tree, near the Canoe Club.
On this occasion, I do not think the fire department would carry this kitty down.

Fish and Wildlife officers tranquilised him, 
and he was allowed to fall to the ground 
(at this point I am thinking "Er, crashmat guys?")
... where he was hauled off, checked over and 
later released somewhere safe(r).

Apparently about 90% of reported sighting of cougars in residential areas turn out to be bobcats or foxes.  It was thought this healthy male probably followed the deer tracks along the Elbow River corridor into the 
Glenbow Reservoir Park in the city.

This fella weighed 140lbs, and while still an extremely rare event, shows how close we live to nature, 
even in our city suburbs.

(Posted with an acknowledgement and thanks to CPS for the pictures)


  1. Those cops wouldn't be so brave if he wasn't tranquillized! Glad he got relocated and not harmed.

  2. Oh, yeah, you'd think they'd have something soft for him to fall on. Ouch.
    Glad they took him somewhere safe(r). LOL on that (r).

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Beautifully captured!

    My Skywatch, have a nice weekend!

  4. Beautiful creature! Better in the country than the suburbs, though;-)


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