Friday, November 13, 2009

Commuting ... and clouds

For more SkyWatch Friday photos, click here.

Further to my previous "I'm going out to work these days" post, I did finally remember to take the camera with me today so as to attempt to find some nice SkyWatch Friday photos.

Mmm, not sure I succeeded.

Well, OK - the sky was doing it's usual Alberta thing. Clear and gorgeous in the morning...

... moody and chinook-ey in the afternoon. Yes, it really was that dark and startling. I half expected a booming voice to shout out and the hand of God to point at me accusingly.

And all photos were taken whilst driving (oops! - that's why I expected the whole accusing finger thing) so lots of drive-by shootings and not too much detail.

But hey - you get the idea.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Impressive drive-bys!

    Scary clouds, indeed.

    Congrats on the "I'm going out to work these days" thing! :-)

  2. They are certainly low and ominous clouds and a lovely pink glow in the first two photos!

  3. Those are rather apocalyptic skies! It seems ironic to have a lovely sunrise lighting the way to 8 hours of office dwelling.

  4. I think you succeeded. Drive-bys are not easy!

  5. I think your drive by's are great! Nice job. It is hard to find time to get photos when you are working and it gets dark so much earlier.

  6. Great sky photos. Hope you have time to stop by and see my sky photos from my part of Ontario.

  7. Well, we don't have chinooks here in Ontario but STILL the morning weather changes dramatically by nighttime. :) Better luck next week!

  8. Drive bys eh?..... My kinda gal! ;-)

  9. I really love the first shot - a traffic jam has never looked so pretty!


  10. A chinook sky... awesome. I've not encountered a chinook. I'd love to. I have had some outflow (straight line) winds, which were outstanding. Love the soft colors in your first shots. The traffic is a little discouraging.

    As for the booming hand theory, nah... God loves you.


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