Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scenic Sunday

A beautiful, crisp and sunny morning here. Took the dogs out for a walk. The mountains were looking just stunning. I don't use the word "awesome", you understand, it's just not .... er .... British. However, "awesome" is very apt today and I shall allow it on this one occasion.

Instead of turning left and keeping to our usual and official pathways, we became hardened rebels and took a sneaky turn to the right instead, to wander onto the now closed-for-the-season golf course.

This is distinctly frowned upon, but in such a risky, frisky mood, we threw caution, and a tennis ball to the wind, and let the dogs loose. Smudge, the black dog, is somewhat obsessive over chasing balls, it must be said.

We received a sprinkling of snow last night - most of the greens seem to have been covered with a protective winter tarpaulin by now, so the dogs cannot do any damage anyway.

And to finish off, this little succulent caught my eye - it still looks pretty, even on 1st November with a snowy hair-do.

Have a wonderful Sunday.
For more Scenic Sunday pictures, click here.


  1. What a pretty view of the mountains. Great photos, I would lvoe to see the snowcapped mountains.

  2. What a beautiful scene. You mean they don't let you walk on the golf course? Here they groom cross-country ski trails on them. Great pictures.

  3. Beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. The snow is beautiful! It's a lovely dusting.

    Golf courses are not yet closed here in Ontario . I suspect the owners are still hoping for Indian summer and a few more days of golf. But we did get snow in mid Novemeber last year, which with the help of frequent snow squalls never completely melted till March.

  5. Love seeing snow-capped mts, nice photos! Ok, not a fan of snow after 5 yrs in S Dakota, miss seeing mts after having lived in a valley surrounded by them for 16 yrs.

  6. Thanks guys ! and again, welcome to some lovely new visitors !

  7. I'm behind in my blogging, so a belated comment but...

    WOW! What a stunning view, Ann!

    AWESOME! In the real sense not that Canadian one.

  8. You're right - 'awesome' doesn't come easily to British lips!

    Good for you braving the golf course police. I always long to walk on golf courses - that's what they're for, isn't it?

  9. Well, being that I'm not British, awesome photos. The view of the mountains is beautiful, it reminds me of living in Alaska.

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