Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moraine Lake - Alberta

It's surely time for one more lake/boat/mountain post - then I promise not to bore you with such beauty again for a while. Maybe.

This was MyWorld Tuesday two weeks ago.

Most visitors to this part of the world have heard of, and therefore visit, Lake Louise. I find it a complete disappointment during the summer months, mostly because there is no glistening snow, and also it is smothered in tourists. Seriously smothered, you cannot move up there. And the famous hotel is dead ugly too, in my humble opinion.

So if you are ever in this part of the world, ignore Lake Louise and take the time to drive 15 minutes further up the road to Moraine Lake. It can also be a bit of a tourist trap, and parking in July and August can be challenging - but the colour of the lake alone makes it worth the trip.

Then join lots of other tourists and hire a canoe. It's only a small lake but it's a pleasant way to kill a sunny hour or two. (You can also choose one of several walking trails if you wish).

Take the dogs into the canoe with you. They'll love it - kind of - after getting over their suspicion that the floor keeps rolling around.

Honey agrees the water is beautiful.

So much so, in fact, that she had to launch herself into the water to check it out. Yep, it's cold.

And lifting a soggy, heavy, wriggling dog back into a canoe, while trying not to tip yourself or your fellow travellers into the lake is actually not easy, let me tell you (and then she refused to sit down in the massive puddle that she had created, thereby walking up and down the boat causing hilarity and consternation in equal measures).

This was me trying to be all arty-farty and get a "reflections" shot - I like this one.

There is still a little snow at the summit - this is part of the The Valley of the Ten Peaks. The water seems to be the colour of your average local swimming pool. It's to do with the refraction of the light on the silt brought into the lake by the glacial erosion, and the particles are so small they are suspended in the water making it seem cloudy.

You see quite a few lakes and sections of rivers throughout the Rockies in this seemingly unnatural turquoise colour. Fabulous!

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  1. Absolutely freaking awesome!
    I adore Moraine Lake and like you believe it a much better spot than Lake Louise (which is a much bigger lake, but far too oversubscribed).

    It's years since I visited, but the memory is still so vivid. Next time I'm staying at Moraine Lake Lodge, not at the (ahem)Château at lake Louise.

    Wonderful pics and the colour really is so brilliant.

  2. Fabulous indeed. That water is screaming 'dive into me'.... but I think it may be just a tad chilly. Great arty farty shot though!

  3. I can not get over the color of the lake!
    I think you may be the first person I have ever heard of that misses the snow when it is Summertime. Maybe it is because of how beautiful it is by where you live?

  4. So utterly stunning!!!
    I loved your creative views and wildlife...that chipmonk was too cute!
    The pups in the boat I loved as well...nice trip.. And I want to go now. The water woo, it was beautiful! :-))


  5. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.
    I miss the mountains. We live just outside Medicine Hat, and the prairie can be scenic, too, if you look hard enough, but I'm from BC, where everything is mountains and lakes and rivers and beautiful.

  6. PS
    Now, seriously, how DID you get that chipmunk to pose for you?


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