Saturday, August 14, 2010

Peter Lougheed Park, Kananaskis, Alberta

Another recent day-trip showing off some more bits of Alberta to the visiting relatives.

This time we headed to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park - take a drive from Calgary eastwards towards the Rockies and about half an hour later hang a left up Highway 40. Wave at Nakiska Ski Resort which is taking it's well-earned summer break, and keep going - all the while keeping an eye open for grizzly bears.

Absolutely delighted to see my first ever moose - I have lived here for three and a half years and begun to think these were elusive mythical creatures!

What a large and handsome young fellow - snuffling and snorting loudly as he bent down on his front forelegs to slurp a delicious Muddy Puddle
(not my favourite cocktail, it must be said).

I was so happy to see him, I could have just turned around and gone home after that!

But we carried on driving through the rocky valley - the grey clouds coming and going and the rain threatening.
Stunning formations through the mountains...and it is so lovely to see so much greenery - Alberta in August can often start drying out with the colour brown - but we have not had a great summer really, so the frequent rain keeps it all gorgeous.

The sun trying its best to illuminate Upper Lake.


OMG - another Moose!
All my Christmas' have come at once!

Another very young one ...

Also with a penchant for the Muddy Puddle Cocktail.

Another Peek-a-Boo !

...and then time to head home.

This is a bear behind. Honest.

Yes - we actually found the grizzly bear too - casually munching his way through some undergrowth until the noise of a motorbike exhaust frightened him - and then he took off at a fearsome pace.

What a great day to see some wildlife.


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your travels with relatives. I've never seen a moose; elk yes in the Rockies and bears at Yellowstone. Thanks for the trip.
    Just now I heard the pitter-patter of feet on our roof & two young tom turkeys were walking around looking for bugs. We do see them quite often in our neighborhood.

  2. Thanks Lizzy - yes it's very exciting - I don't think we have the turkeys round my way at all.

  3. Am I now the only one to have lived in Canada to remain Mooseless? Well, so pleased you got to see a couple of them and impress your visitors. Looks like a great day out, including the bear bum!

  4. No Rob... I'm Mooseless as well... but I've only lived here about 40 years... :-/ Mooses and cougars... I have looked and waited and watched... nada, zip, not one. Grrrrr....

    Those are excellent pics, Ann!


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