Monday, August 30, 2010

The Aliens have landed

I have absolutely no idea what this is, but it landed on our windscreen the other day and made me laugh. Hello Mr Bug. Now that is some big insect.

It looks like a photoshopped alien, but nope, it's real alright!

And he managed to actually stay on the glass for quite some time, despite our increasing speed - good wind resistance obviously!

And I presume this is a garter snake, minding his own business and sunning himself along our dog-walking route. Luckily, the dogs were off chasing a tennis ball and did not see him.

But look how small he is - tiny wee thing. Good job we saw him in time or that shoe could have done some damage!


  1. Haha! I was once driving through a quite twisty turny bit of the mountains and saw one of those alien bugs crawling up the leg of my jeans. Freaked the crap right out of me!

    Fortunately (?) the friend I was with was an entomologist and she just casually scooped it up... 'why it's a kj[oidjtjejo jfefjoef (or whatever!)' and put it up on the dash... 'it wont hurt you...'

    'yeah, ok but I will when I drive this car off the road!'

    That's a very excellent photo of whatever it is!

    And cute snake!

  2. Big bug, small snake. At least you got 'em in the right order.

  3. What an ugly bug. Now that may well be a garter snake, but it could also be a young something other snake...just saying.

  4. We get grasshoppers jumping on our car every time we come up the driveway--the fact that we're surrounded by hay fields doesn't help! I'm lucky to have never run across a snake here on the property. I'd run in screaming and promptly put the house on the market!


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