Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hallow-been and gone

Another October has passed us by - culminating in that great gorge-fest, Halloween.  

The longer we live here in Canada, the more "into" it we get - even carving our own pumpkins this year!

And what has the world come to where we spend 364 days of the year warning our children of the danger of strangers - and then for a couple of hours on 31st October we encourage them to dress up weird, harass the neighbours and beg for candy!  All great fun.


And look at the booty - well worth it.

Of course, there is enough chocolate, candy and crisps/chips in the house to wreck mummy's diet for another few weeks.

  Only because I have to help them out, you understand - I don't want them to struggle!


  1. If they need any more help, just say the word... I see more than a couple bags of Cheesies there...

    Great pumpkins!

  2. I remember pouring all my loot on the floor to see exactly what I'd hauled in. :)


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