Thursday, November 11, 2010

SkyWatch Friday - Striped skies and chimney pots

While sitting at my computer, I glance a brilliant flash of colour 
out of the corner of my eye.

Cue a mad scramble to hunt down the camera, offer a little prayer that the batteries are fully charged while thumping up the stairs two at a time
and then throw open a first floor bedroom window and hang out at a precarious angle.

Just four or five minutes of billowy, vivid stripes of 
red and orange.

And then the sun lowers itself by another degree or two 
and it all turns grey and the magic disappears.


  1. I do love your gorgeous, striped skies! And what a glorious way to end the day! Such magnificent colors! And you've captured them beautifully! Hope you have a great day and a lovely weekend! Enjoy!


  2. Absolutely stunning skies!! And the mountains, sigh.
    Took me a minute to remember "first floor" here means the English version which means the first floor above the ground floor, the one Canadians or Americans would call the second floor. Otherwise, leaning out at a precarious angle might mean a fall of only two or three feet. Less than a metre. Add 8 or 9 feet to that, and it's not only precarious, it's actually scarious.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Hiya,
    Like the outline of the chimneys.
    They set off the drama of the skies.

  4. Ohhh Very very beautiful! Very clear too

  5. We had a similar sky like that a couple of nights ago! How odd, I think. Ours were red stripe but I very much like that you have golden ones as well.

  6. The sunsets and sunrises here in Alberta have been so spectacular lately! Must be the cooling air perhaps?

  7. Beautiful SkyWatch posting!
    thank you for sharing this beautiful photo work

    Happy SWF! Have a good weekend,

    Regards, Bram

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    Seen on Sky Watch Friday, Season 4, Episode 18

  8. Been there, done that, and will do so a million times again if it gets me captures of glorious skies like this! Never tire of them... Well done. Glad you lived to show us.

  9. Amazing shots--so glad you managed to capture them. And glad you didn't break your neck doing it!!

  10. Lovely views!! The colors of the sunset are really awesome!!

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  11. Somehow I missed this post... so a better later than never WOW! Freakin' gorgeous!