Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our World Tuesday - December days

A drive out to Banff (Banff National Park, Alberta) is about an hour and five minutes from my home town, and is usually a fantastic opportunity for bloggie photos.   
My camera twitches in anticipation. 
NOTE: The above two pictures were taken 
in the summer months.

And now for the December shots. 
The roads conditions during last week's drive to Banff were mostly OK, until we passed through the gates for the National Park - and then one definitely had to slow down and take care 
- and yes, that line through the middle of the photo is my obligatory cracked windscreen - a essential rite of passage for all worthy Alberta vehicles!
The clouds were so very low.  Socked in, as they say here.  This picture was taken in Canmore.  A smudge of vague blue to the left of that first peak hints of a beautiful sky just bursting to show through.  
C'mon baby, you can do it!
Flurries of snow during the day kept floating around, not amounting to much, but sufficient to disguise voluminous mountains and transform them into a bump on the landscape.
The Three Sisters at Canmore became 
the One Point Eight Sisters.
Banff Main Street was positively white.
And those clouds stayed low and smothering all day.
And then the Spirit of Christmas showed up.
As the sun set (what sun? No sign of the sun in these pictures), the street transformed into one of those little china
 village scenes.


  1. A beautiful winter trip up to Banff, which I'm not likely to do unless my husband drives, and he's too busy to offer.
    So, thank you for the drive and for staying long enough for the Christmas village scenes. Wonderful.
    Wishing you and yours all the best for the holiday season, and throughout the coming year.

  2. That's a pretty nice cracked windshield but you haven't hit the big time on the prairies until you have a full sunburst pattern from a flying stone. Now you've got something to dream of.

  3. Looks like a beautiful place to visit for the holidays. Looks like we won't get a white Christmas this year. - Margy

  4. Those are gorgeous photos, the low clouds just add to the mystery of the place. Cracked windshields are obligatory here in Colorado too, my car has had one for years and the police don't even say anything when I've been pulled over!

  5. How fortunate - you have all that wonder- world almost at your doorstep.
    Magical pics and well worth the drive.

  6. WOW such a different world from mine, although the chipped and cracked windscreen is also obligatory here when travelling on gravel roads, potholed roads and with road-hogs

    Love the pics

  7. Banff is such an amazing place. You are so lucky to live so close!