Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scenic Sunday - And we're off

Winter arrived properly last night.
Sideways snow storm.
Eight inches of the white stuff 
is quite heavy to shift off the driveway.
I think my husband might need one of these for Christmas!


  1. A snowblower is as much a necessity for any homeowner as a lawn mower. At least in Canada.

  2. Jeannette StG for Scenic sundays - Even though I'd rather be here in California, I always try to get to some snow in the winter months -there's something magical about snow!

  3. Oh wow that is a lot of snow. Snow just looks so pretty.

  4. So much snow, beautiful winter pictures ....
    Greetings Karin

  5. Oh yes it has indeed arrived for you! Nice photos of the whiter stuff. LOL


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