Thursday, December 29, 2011

SkyWatch Friday - December Sun

I took this photo about three weeks ago - in anticipation of posting it for Christmas.  
It is a fair representation of the usual 
Christmas days in Alberta!
However, we are having a wonderfully welcome mild and snow-free "brown" Christmas week
and it feels more like March.
  There is only a little residual snow on the sides of paths, and the grass is dry, brown and crunchy, with a smattering of white ice in the crevices and creases of the landscape.
The mountains are looking wonderful - there have been clear blue skies, warming chinooks and then icy breezes, and an occasional hint of heat from the sun.
And no-one is complaining! 
The sun pours in through the Big Window for Nosy Dogs.
Mild temperatures have been running between 
3ºC - 9ºC (37ºF - 48ºF) which is perfect for end-of-year 
walks with Smudge & Honey.
Who seem to have lost the use of their limbs.
Ahh, Bliss - There is nothing better than a 
self-medicated snowy back rub.

And Wishing You A Really Happy New Year.


  1. What a nice idea to put out a bauble to get topped with some snow. Even nicer to have milder than expected weather as a Christmas surprise. Life is looking good in Alberta!

  2. Wonderful! It must be quite a relief to have a milder Christmas. I gather Alberta can be pretty cold for many months.

  3. What a great sky & a cuuutie doggy! =)