Sunday, August 9, 2009

The bear necessities of life will come to you

Just wanted to share my bear !

Seen at Kananaskis Park (Alberta) at the beginning of June this year. She was beautiful - thick, glossy and shiny fur in the sunlight as she came out from behind some trees and wandered in our direction. We were safely tucked up on a balcony of the Interpretive Centre and she suddenly appeared.

I was so excited - it was hard not to squeal with delight.

So instead, we just put the camera shutter into overdrive.

She just kept walking towards us - stopping to sniff the air regularly (I did shower that morning) and obviously sensed no sign of us, or danger...

Then she just plonked herself down by a hole and kept digging - foraging for what, I am not sure. So gorgeous.

However, the warden from the Interpretive Centre came out about 10 minutes later and was none too happy that Mrs Bear had got so close to the building, so she enrolled our kids in a shouting session to scare her away. What a shame - I could have sat there for hours just marvelling at this creature.

She apparently had a cub hidden back up by the trees but we did not get to see him. Now then, I might just have squealed with delight if I'd seen him!

So chuffed that day.

1 comment:

  1. Great grizzly stuff Ann!

    She's gorgeous. I could watch for hours as well.

    That beats the pavement fish!


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