Friday, August 14, 2009

When no-one's looking ...

Looking through my photos, I have many snapshots of people - of friends and family and a few unknowns - when they were unaware of me standing around with a camera.

I love these kinds of pictures - where the subject is not aware they are being photographed. And I don't mean this in some weirdo, pervy, jump-out-of-the-bushes way, or like the paparazzi with some creepy telephoto lens. No, I just mean that you can catch people in such a natural, unaware, un-posed split-second of their life - they are concentrating on the task in hand, be it building a sand castle, playing a game or getting blindingly drunk. I suppose a part of them is exposed in some way - I'm not exploiting anyone here - but it highlights the part of me that just loves to people watch. I could sit in an airport or supermarket for hours and not get bored. (And to any friends and family that may view this blog, don't panic, I won't publish those photos ! )



  1. Many lovely treasures! I think i need to start to print some of my treasures.

  2. Thank you lorac. Start printing! I bet you could dig out some wonderful pictures. I love spending time ploughing through the old ones - although I only have about the past 5 years on the computer.

  3. Those a great photos, Ann. :-)

    The top was is very 'Sound of Music'!

  4. I know just what you mean - the unposed, unaware, au natural capture of a life moment in progress. I like them as well as the posed, smiling and breathing in shots.

  5. Oh yes Rob, the 'breathing in' photos - I have lots of those. Mostly of me, funnily enough - ha !


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