Thursday, August 13, 2009

Close to my home ...

And why I like where I live. Mostly.

These were taken at different times of the year, so the level of greenery or brown is tied to the season. Needless to say, by about March, I'm sick of brown grass (that's if you can see it, and it's not actually covered in the white, cold, slippy stuff!)

This one was taken in June - the Rockies still covered in lots of snow ...

This is in July - the heat haze blocks out the view of the Rockies - they are out there somewhere, honest ...

Taken early one morning last September - parts of the town and the foothills are obscured by the low lying mist ....

And this is during sunset in January. Note that the boring browns are flatteringly golden in the sunlight!

This was taken from the pathway where I often walk the dogs - around a golf course around a ravine that dips down to the Bow River below. The small dark straight line at the bottom left of the picture is the rail line that runs precariously close to the rivers edge in some places.

Taken last week from the big hill near our home (that I had mentioned previously from where the paragliders jump - I was trying to video my husband leaping off the hill but I buggered up the zoom for his little flight - sorry G - we'll try again next week!). My home is in the road to centre-left. It's amazing how much of the landscape can be obliterated by a bit of heat, but that field in the background is currently bright yellow.

And finally - this is a cloud. It is at the same level as the highway upon which we were driving. No, it's not fog, or mist - it is a proper cloud. The land beside the highway drops down considerably and this highway is rising at it travels northwest anyway - so we were literally driving alongside clouds. I had never seen anything like it - just wanted to reach out and grab a handful, then put it in a little jar to cleanse my face with later on - wonderful.


  1. Fantastic photos Ann. It's truly a beautiful landscape.

    I miss living in Calgary for the access to the foothills and mountains. And even the flatlands to the east have an appeal to me as well.

    There is nothing like that drive westward though. I've driven that so many times and almost cry everytime; it's simply breath taking.

    Ok, I'm getting envious now! ;-)

    That cloud is amazing!

  2. Thanks marnie - yep, I love the landscape and it definitely gives me many calming and inspiring moments. And also moments of knowing my place in this big wide world!

    You might need to come visit sunny Alberta a gain to get your fix !

    Sometimes I wish I could just banish the brown in the winter, but perhaps I then would not appreciate the green again in the spring and summer if it was the same all the time?

  3. Remarkable bottom pic. AND it's a drive by! Well impressed.

  4. Thank Neil - I'm getting quite good a drive by shooting(s)!


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