Friday, August 14, 2009

Kitchen Chaos no more

Posted a few weeks ago about chipping off tiles and generally making a mess.

Well, we're nearly there - new countertops (no longer pink) and new tiles (white gloss begone) - I'm still getting used to it all - it makes the room a little darker and the tiling is very 'busy' - but the room is bright anyway and I really like the change. Haven't gone mad - just some tweaking and updating, and we still need to go and buy a extractor hood. And who gets excited about a new sink and taps? ..... yes, me !

This is the "Before" ....

And this is the "After" ....

Done. Now then, what's next ?

Mmm, the garden ...


  1. Wow! You two are might handy; looks great!

    I do miss the contorting barbie though. ;-)

  2. Thanks - LOL - ha ha ha - I didn't see her - I'm sure she is safe and well shoved in a drawer somewhere contemplating her future - perhaps a makeover as Porno Barbie!


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