Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where do ski slopes go on their summer holiday ?

This is Nakiska Ski Resort in the middle of August. I admit I've never really paid much attention to the place, except when approaching it in the middle of January whilst battling my mind to focus on a day of exercise and 'fun'. Needless to say, it looks substantially whiter at that time. And suffice to say I am not a natural born skier but I can proudly report being able to remain upright on two planks for more than twenty minutes (consecutively) .

I have visions of a summer wonderland - lush and swishing grassy meadows cutting a swathe amongst the pine trees, with butterflies and colourful wildflowers, and bears frolicking happily while downing a pot of honey and gorging on berries.

The area is technically closed to the public but I would imagine serious walking folks (ie, not me) specifically make their way to these temporarily abandoned ski hills for a good old hike in the peace and quiet.

It must be nice for the ski hills to be able to breathe again after being assaulted by snow, man and machine for 5 months each year. A collective sigh of relief probably whispers out from the ski hills sometime in June, and the gondolas and chair lifts grind to a thankful halt and spend the summer months gently swaying in the breeze with a large jug of margaritas on the go.

Wish You Were Here ....
See you again in December ...
Lots of Love, Nakiska XXX


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