Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dances with Humans - My favourite pastime

I love it when we take The Boss for a walk.
Well, OK, yes - he drives us to some great places first ....

.... and then we take him for a walk.
We are meticulous with our duties to sniff every single stone and leaf, stick and bit of dried up poop....

... then we run up (and skid back down) the hills among fantastic tree roots.
What a playground! Who could ask for more?

I do my "wistful" pose as I stare off into the middle distance, attempting to look mysterious and sexy ...

...when actually all I am trying to do is drum up enough courage to dunk myself into this bloody freezing river.

And finally, there's nothing quite like rolling around in some grey, filthy dust when you are soaking wet.
Roll, twist, squirm.

It's wonderful for your complexion - and the back of The Boss's car.

He truly loves me at times like this - I can see it in his eyes!


  1. Ah yes the odor of wet, smelly dogs! You gotta love em. I love the shot of the tree roots and of course of the dogs. Jude

  2. Yes, indeedy, a fun time for all the family - I mean who doesn't love a bit of mud?


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