Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Watery Wednesday

Melting and dripping snow, frozen again during a dramatic overnight drop in temperatures.

Popsicle branches beside a mini dam.

Moving water frozen again mid-swirl. Delicate as a dragonfly wing.

And icy lines in the surface of a pond - such a fragile layer, but pretty patterns.

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  1. oh, gorgeous photos! you have melting snow, while are melting here because of the heat! it's about 36 degrees C outside.:p

  2. The 2 last photos were beautiful the icy line and moving water...what a perfect shot.

    I like your photo layout.

  3. Spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming. Thought that would make you feel a promise on its way. I love the rippled ice...so cool.
    Have a warm day and blessya

  4. I love the icy patterns, great capture! :)

  5. Beautiful photos, Ann but brrrrr....!


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