Monday, April 26, 2010

My World Tuesday - Geocaching Part Two

Attempt Number One at this geocaching lark was a bit of a wash out. Well, perhaps washout is the wrong word. It was a snowout.

So let us try again.

First, stare at the GPS thingy and then start hunting around the (hopefully correct) area ....

A-ha! What's this hiding here?

Yay! Success - an official "find".

Oh, bless! Some child gave up his Hot Wheels. Now that's dedicated!
Various mini goodies inside and little writing pad to sign in and say that you have visited.

So excited at actually finding something, we head off for another one a couple of miles away.

A hidey hole in a tree, tastefully modelled by Daughter Number One, with Daughter Number Two looking somewhat perplexed.

And what's inside? Yay! - another success story.

Husband is hooked on this new game. I suspect it may be time for some more difficult caches. You know - half-way-up-a-mountain type difficult.

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  1. It's been such fun to realize how many people are really into the geocache mania! I love it! Always fun to read the different adventures people have! Yours is one of the fun ones! Glad you all had fun! Have a great week!


  2. Wow! I've heard of this before but never had the chance to try it, that looks like fun.

  3. Interesting, I have always what you do in geocaching, sorry it wasn't great weather for you, thanks for sharing though, nice photos:)

  4. Sounds like your husband enjoys it most. It lovely to have such a family day.

  5. It can be fun and it gets you out and about to see the world around you. Enjoy!

  6. welcome to the best hobby on earth :)

  7. I have a friend who does this, and it really does look like fun. You're kind of getting me interested here!
    The only thing I DON'T miss about Alberta is the crazy spring weather. Just when you think winter is finally over (usually in May) you get the biggest blizzard of the year! It's infuriating!

  8. Sounds like fun. We use a GPS on our quad rides. A friend created waypoints and tracks that he gave us. It makes exploring a lot safer for us newbies in teh bush. - Margy

  9. That does look like a ton of fun! I have been thinking of looking into it as well. There is apparently a lot of it on the trail;s around hee.

  10. I visit some other bloggers who are really "into" geocaching. It looks like a past time the whole family can enjoy (plus it gets you into the fresh air!).

  11. that is so much fun! the kind of activity the whole family can participate in.:p

  12. Looks like a fun thing to do with the family.


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