Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scenic Sunday - A week in the life of Alberta Weather

Who would want to be a weather presenter on a TV channel in Alberta? Seriously - how would you ever really know? The climate here is, scientifically, truly fascinating stuff and we have some of the most changeable weather on the planet.

Mind you, I reckon you could predict whatever weather you like, and say anything at all to your viewer - you have an 80% chance of being right, within a 48 hour window!!

Monday was fine - cool and nearly warm - relatively speaking bearing in mind I am coming out of an Alberta winter here! About 13 degrees I think.

Spring is officially here now.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were just bloomin' marvellous. Literally. It was warm and sunny, 23 degrees with a light breeze. Just heaven. Dig out the t-shirts and sandals. Far too lovely to be sitting in the office, that's for sure.

Leaves are leafing, buds are budding, and tulips are, well, tulipping.

Friday was a little cooler, cloudy and the winds were picking up.

But by early evening, the clouds had blown away to leave a gorgeous clear sky and beautiful colours at sunset. Time to wash off the patio furniture and fire up the BBQ.

BANG!! Saturday. Helloooooo?!

I disappeared into a Mall for two hours on Saturday afternoon (to do "the" bra shopping - ladies you will be pleased to hear I was successful!).

When I came out, this is what greeted me. My cropped trousers and near-bare feet were none too impressed.

The drive home was a soggy, 1-degree blizzard of huge snowflakes - a wet sleety snow coming down fast.

And then by this morning, in the clear sunlight, the garden - and of course those tulips - were covered in a 3-inch heavy layer of new snow.

Which is melting fast in the warm sunshine and perhaps by tomorrow there will probably be no sign that any of this happened at all.

We'll be back to 12 degrees - the garden will have had a good watering, and the budding alliums will shake off the shock of such a chilly weekend and we'll all be back to normal, whatever that means.

'Till the next time.

Have a great week!

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  1. This is like reading a novel! Great shots of both types of weather!

    Now, I'm going to read about your bra shopping. One of the tougher things we women have to do expecially as we get older!

  2. Funny post your weather. Gee, I am glad that snow isn't here. Great photos.

  3. I heard about that on the news and felt so bad for you guys. But it's Canada so you never know what to expect in the spring. Last week we had ice pellets and wet snow.

  4. A silly weekend indeed, well weather wise at least. Nice pics though.

  5. LOL!!!

    Oh my...

    I agree, southern Alberta has the craziest weather.

    Great post and congrats on the successful bra shopping!

  6. Ah, springtime in the Rockies. We've had snow all week--keeping the backcountry skiers happy!


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