Monday, April 5, 2010

My World Tuesday - Cochrane Ranch, Alberta

Come with me as we take the dogs for a walk again.

This is the Cochrane Ranch, a 60 hectare park area owned and preserved by the Town of Cochrane - about 25km north west of Calgary, Alberta.

Say "howdy" to the Man of Vision, a huge bronze statue watching over the town of Cochrane. He is a little bit famous (if only in this wee town!) and has been subject to much scrutiny and comment in recent months as the Town tries to utilise this very traditional "western" image and re-invent itself with a new modern logo.

Our foothills prairie grassland extends over hills and pathways,with the Rockies a permanent point of snow-capped reference in the distance.

The last slivers of icy platforms are being carved away on a daily basis as Spring marches on. Not strong enough to hold a small nosey dog, as the soggy paw prints in the boot of my car will show.

It is an area perfect for walking, jogging and biking, or just strolling and is used year round, whether sun-drenched or snow-covered (or both). Summer kid's camps, family parties and BBQ's and the Saturday Farmer's Market will all arrive soon.
Wooden beams mark out the old foundations of the first cattle rancher's homes - they arrived in 1881 and set up camp.
Pictoral displays are made to tell the story of those early settlers ...

... though I suspect we are given a rather limited view of the effects on the native people in this area.

And while it is all still a bit brown and bland in this first week of April, the prairie crocus will be out soon, and the landscape will turn lush and green for the summer months.
A little glimpse of an area just 2km from my front door.
Have a great week folks.

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  1. Interesting post. Thank you for sharing a part of your beautiful world.

  2. Thank you for taking us on such a great walk! Beautiful, so interesting and with a great history! Really delightful and wonderful photos! Looks like a fun day! Hope you have a great week!


  3. Perfect! It's awesome that you have these wonderful trails and views close by. Spring is slowly coming to the Mts of CO, too - we have less melting at this point, but someday soon there will be wildflowers!

  4. That looks like a truly beautiful area. Great photos!

  5. Wow,Cochrane is quite the place. The mountains in the distance are beautiful. Great park with interpretive features. Great post.

  6. It all looks so crisp and fresh. Such wide open spaces!

  7. What a fantastic place! And you live so near it too... Lucky you.

  8. What a beautiful expanse of land!

  9. Those prairie crocuses look very alien, very space like.
    Great walk, thanks for sharing.

  10. I look forward to watching your world turn to hints of green and then burst into all colours as spring shows its face and then gives over to summer!

  11. Very beautiful and fantastic place dear
    all of you are very lucky who has visited such a beautiful place..


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