Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back from a holiday

Returned last night to my snow-laden and cool home after spending a wonderful, busy and HOT two weeks in Orlando.  
I am all "parked" out.  Disney, Universal, Hollywood, water parks, just quite happily knackered.  And poor.  And only 3lbs heavier which is something of a miracle. 

I had never been to Florida before and I have lots of observations and hundreds of photos to sort out. 
Look at this strange and long-forgotten colour.  
Green, I think they call it.

I also have much blog reading and catching up to do so I hope you are all well.  

Today will consist of opening mail, reading and deleting tons of emails - and my old favourite of unpacking and putting away three overflowing suitcases. It's the "putting away" bit I struggle with - my husband is very organized, but I could look resentfully at the last remnants in a suitcase for weeks.  It's like a closure issue - the holiday IS actually over.

I also need to pop next door to thank my neighbour for shovelling our driveway, otherwise I would have had to paddle through about 5 inches of wet snow in my sandals last night!

In the meantime, for those of you still awaiting the arrival of Spring, look at this picture and then close your eyes and just imagine the heat of the sun on your back, and the soft waves lapping over your toes.
It was hell, I tell you.

Back soon!


  1. Glad you have a great time. Don't you just love being a kid again! Jude

  2. Too bad you had to come home to fresh snow!


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