Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Harry Potter Skies

In June 2010, Harry Potter decided to up-sticks from the cupboard under the stairs, 
and took up residence in Orlando, Florida.
The Islands of Adventure (Universal) Theme Park has dedicated a large corner to Harry's world - and very well done it is too.  
Charmingly designed, but packed with tourists.  
It's a real "don your elbow pads" kind of day.
Under stunningly clear and warm blue skies with temperatures in the mid 80's, Harry's world of faux-snow peaked roofs are wonky and stylish.

I could do with some faux-snow here too
- none of that real stuff for me!

Happy Sky Watch Friday - and watch out for those Muggles.


  1. Looks like a fun -- if crowded day! Love those blue skies and your photos are terrific! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter weekend!


  2. These are really beautiful and cool photos!!Thank you for sharing!Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter!

  3. Hiya,

    Faux-snow, I love it.
    Wonder how they keep it so pristine, whatever it is.
    That pointy skyline is amazing. Clever crop.

  4. It looks like a perfect Harry Potter sky.

  5. What a great place to go for warmth and sunshine. :)

  6. Faux snow would be great! The faux-er the better! So glad we don't have the real stuff (at the moment).
    Nifty photos. I know nothing about Harry Potter, but I laughed at the "Butterbeer" sign.
    Don't you wish those theme park places would kick out the tourists and let you and your camera in there alone?
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Nice photo. Looks like a 'real' place.

  8. i would love to don my elbow pads to get into Hogwarts. Such lovely blue skies you got there. have a nice weekend!

  9. Sound like a place that is better to look at in pictures than to actually be there, all those crowds. Great pictures, it looks like a real place and not just some theme park...

  10. Beautiful photos! I know of someone who will love to see these shots-- a niece of mine who is a Harry Potter fanatic! :)

    Hope to see you at The Sky in my IDLENESS entry that I made! :)

  11. Fun place to go for a visit, I'm sure. Except, crowds take away a lot of the pleasure--too many people make for a hassle. Mickie :)

  12. That's a great escape from the snow back home! Movie sets and theme parks can capture the old world feel, if you can ignore the fast food and souvenir shops. You have done an excellent job with these shots!

  13. Yes, it does look like scenes from Harry Porter's world. Wishing you a Happy Easter weekend!