Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome blasts of colour

(Photos from Florida again, sorry!) :
Most people probably don't pay much attention to the epic scale of the landscaping in the all the Disney parks, etc, when they trawl around acres of entertainment, 
from rollercoaster to ice-cream to water slide.

Me?  Well, I was entranced.  
 Colour, and style, and use of shape and foliage - heaven!

Epcot had got in on the action, with a flower festival.
For those who like some frivolous fun with flowers and plants, scroll on ....
Lady and the Tramp. 
Snow White and a few of the dwarves.
Sleeping Beauty

All good fun.


  1. Don't go getting any grand ideas for your garden this year missus!


  2. Anyone who lives out this way and has to suffer through about 8 months of winter every year will definitely appreciate all that landscaping. I need a warm-weather vacation next year. This winter has been too long and seeing all that foliage up close would've done me good!

  3. I can almost smell the vegetation! Gorgeous!

  4. Seeing these beautiful gardens flatly intimidates me!!! I have to stick to my meager plans & just enjoy fabulous gardens from afar! I know you enjoyed seeing such beautiful colors.

  5. Wow! The epcot flowers are amazing, especially that Lady and the Tramp. I live in Florida but have never been to this festival. I'll have to stop in sometime! If you have time check out my blog at . I am trying to boost my number of followers. Thanks!

  6. Like your name, frostbite and sunburn. back in the 1970s, I was studying in Windsor. frostbite and sunburn was a badge of honor. You went sking.