Friday, July 10, 2009

Dogs love water ...

... and mud and generally getting as wet and mucky as possible .... and then they walk up to you with that look in their eye and you glare back at them and through gritted teeth you say "Don't you dare". And they do dare and they take another couple of steps to get really close to your bare legs (and they are bare legs 'cos it's a lovely hot day - which is why you took them along that nice path along the river) and then they set their button to the spin-cycle and do that flicky, soggy, spinning routine so as to get you almost as wet as they are. Gotta love 'em. Little shits.


  1. They're lovely. What kind are they?

  2. Hi Neil

    The black one is a Cockapoo - he's not normally a water-lover but needs must! He's about 20 months old now. And the other lady is a born swimmer and is a Cocker Spaniel Cross (crosssed with what, we are not sure - something with huge paws and not a great intellect, bless her !).