Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where do old buses go when they die?!

Ahh, what a sad sight! I wonder how many lives were hauled back and forth to school during the life of this bus?

Seen abandoned at the side of a town site close to home. Try recycling that one then ...


  1. That could be a home for someone!

  2. It could Rob, and if you go down the road half hour into the city centre, it probably would be. Palatial, some might say.

  3. A lot of people convert old school buses into RVs or literally mobile homes. Around here they're called skoolies and there are skoolies clubs and skoolie shows, etc. It might not really abandoned... it could be 'on show' and for sale!


  4. I think this is parked up in the "We haven't a clue what to do with it" parking lot !

  5. It's rumoured that there is a field near us under which there are a whole bunch of buried school buses. Apparently during the cold war a local farmer got a government grant to put them there as "fall out shelters". The existence of the buses is now supposed to be a state secret, presumably to avoid embarrasing whoever agreed to funding the project, so I haven't been able to find the exact location and get a picture. One of these days...


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