Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm free again

Wimbledon has come to a close and my time is now my own again. Or should I say my time is now my family's again. They are allowed to converse with me, no longer constrained by "shhhh - after this game - honest" ....

What a final - Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick - and I'm exhausted! Great game - was somehow cheering for both players and complimenting them both continually through the tv vibes - I'm sure they took it all on board.

I was chuffed for Federer to win his 15th Grand Slam and beat the old record - but I was gutted for Roddick and could have cried with him at the end - he sooo badly wanted that first Wimbledon title and truly deserved it too after today's match.

Anyhoo - I'm free to ignore all tennis related programmes and adverts for Rolex and Gillette shaving foam for another year.

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