Monday, July 6, 2009

Laid Off

For the first time in my life, I have been asked to leave a job. This is weird territory and I feel somewhat bemused.

I started a 'seasonal' job in April working at a local Garden Centre. I was on the Information Desk and it was the first time I had worked anywhere like it. And I really enjoyed it, I have to say. Knowing it was a seasonal post, I figured that working through the summer until maybe September would do me just fine. But what I forgot to work into that equation is that 'summer' in Calgary - as far as the retail world is concerned - is pretty much done by June. Quick! - it's mid June - let's put everything on sale now. Including letting go of some seasonal staff. So that's me out of a job - bah humbug.

I've never been 'let go' before but on this occasion I reassure myself that there is no need to take it personally, and they have asked that if I was free next Spring, to come back again - which is a good thing, right?! But herein lies the dilemma. I can foresee my life going more into this horticultural/sustainable development type route which seems to be where a seedling of interest is forming. And an albeit slow realisation that living in Alberta might not offer me too much in way of employment (or variety) in this field. D'oh! The lengthy frozen winter season does not do too much for the horticultural world here. In fact I spent last winter learning and studying some courses through the Calgary Zoo Botanical department (highly recommended by the way - ) as a way of usefully using the chilly months. I might do the same again this winter and sign up for some more stuff. That is, of course, if I do not find suitable employment in the meantime.

With two young children, I want a proper part-time job that pays more than minimum wage and that has some kind of meaningful spin on it. Like gold dust of course, and if you hear of one, do let me know ... not much to ask, is it?

The downside of not working, apart from the blindingly obvious financial fallout, is that I will now have to be Chief Entertainments Officer for two young ladies for the duration of the 10 week school holidays. Aaghhh - give me a regular job any day of the week!


  1. I'm sorry to hear this. Employment in Canada can be a bitch. Maybe your winters could be spent earning money designing gardens for people to plant in the spring??

    Just a thought

  2. Thanks Mog - Funny you should say that - I am most likely going to complete the Garden Design course in the fall anyway but will need to put in huge amount of hours of homework. No excuse not to get it done if I'm not working though, is there?! Hee hee.

  3. So sorry to hear this. Bummer. :-/

    I was about your eldest daughter's age my first round in Alberta... I found lots to do! It's amazing what a few bottles of Mr Bubble and a powerful water fountain can do to rush hour traffic. ;-)

    Try not to take the lay off personally... so many people I know are in a similar situation. I was offered a very ideal PT job and then funding for it quickly evaporated when the economy went off the cliff.

    Chin up. :-)

  4. Sorry to hear this. Its Pants.

  5. Thanks marnie and gryphea. I feel it's a real shame 'cos I was enjoying it so much!

    Oh well, back to the drawing board ... perhaps literally, as the Garden Design course has caught my eye now ...