Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kitchen Chaos

We cannot afford a brand new kitchen - but if I have to look at pink laminate worktops for much longer, I will not be responsible for the food poisoning that ensues.

We have lived in our house just over two years - it has a 13 year old solid oak fitted kitchen. No doubt it was a good one in it's day - and I have to concede it is well fitted and there is nothing much wrong with it. The colour of the oak stain dates it, as do the groovy rounded arches on the top of the doors. I would not have chosen this one. But I am putting away my wasteful habits of replacing stuff every few years (and getting into debt because of it) and I am being sensible. Now, there's a first.

So last year we swapped over door handles and light fittings, and replaced the dishwasher that went on permanent strike (not before flooding the kitchen I might add). Earlier this year the stove gave up the ghost and we got a cheapie deal on a brand new one that was drastically reduced because it had a large dent in the side (which you cannot see once it's pushed into place).

The other day my husband and I attacked the glossy white tiles (with obligatory groovy pink and grey detailing) - and boy, those suckers were stuck on tight. Brought chunks of the wall down too. The construction of our home here in Canada often perplexes us. No slab of new plaster for this baby, oh no - cut out and insert a new piece of drywall (or plasterboard as us Brits call it!).

A man-wot-can came in this week and heat-gunned all the nasty pink laminate and peeled it all off. He will return tomorrow to re-apply slightly more tasteful (in my opinion) granite-look laminate. No requirement to purchase new countertops (and don't even ask me how much brand new gorgeous kosher granite would have cost - OK, ask me - $5,000). But $400 for two large sheets of laminate will have to do, plus another $300 for tiles and Bob's your wotsit. To me, that's a cheap fix - but it should drag the room into this decade.

(The work top doesn't actually look pink in that photo, but believe me - it's nasty)

We already have a brand new sink and taps sitting in the garage - been there over a year while we contemplated our bank account - so we'll dust off that box in a day or so and Bingo! - one "new" kitchen. This is the most restrained I have been on a 'makeover'. I have expensive tastes at the best of times. I trust my husband appreciates my restraint and I'm sure I'll make up for it some other way - and soon.

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