Sunday, July 12, 2009

A favourite tree

A friend of mine has a favourite tree. This is it. I kinda get it. It sits alone in the middle of a field, slightly raised, with a stunning backdrop of the Rockies behind it.

My brother also has a favourite tree. It is also a lonesome structure in the middle of field, but this time in Headley in Surrey (UK). I like his tree too.

I haven't yet found my favourite tree in Alberta - it's out there somewhere, I am sure - but we don't exactly have a lot of diversity on the tree front out here. Hardy fellas, definitely - but shapely, imposing or inspiring? Not so much.

There is one stunning specimen within the grounds of Calgary Zoo outside the Cafe - an enormous willow - and each time I see it, it reminds me of that Disney film Pocohontas. Grandmother Willow. It's just like that - I anticipate it will talk to me one day, offering wise words of guidance for my journey through this life. Or it might just tell me to avoid the Soup of the Day.


  1. Maybe you should talk to it first. I have a couple of favorite trees, so I get it too!

  2. That is a stunning photo; I love it!

  3. Talking to the Grandmother Willow tree is good idea - they already think I'm a bit weird down there anyway, so what the heck !

    Thanks marnie - yep, we liked that photo too. It was purposefully taken, amongst about 20 others, so that the partner of the lady (who's favourite tree it is) could get some printed up and framed as a Xmas pressie. Which I thought was a very lovely idea. She was chuffed to bits.


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